allourideas in the press

Our project was recently featured in a wonderful story in MIT Technology Review: Inspired by Wikipedia, Social Scientists Create a Revolution in Online Surveys

the world cup and wiki surveys

In honor of the World Cup, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest newspaper, launched a wiki survey asking their readers "Welche Mannschaft ist die bessere?" (Which team is better?) The results are below.  Let’s see what happens.

allourideas in Danish

I am happy to announce that the voter-facing portions of the site have now been translated into Danish.  Thank you to volunteer translator Jess Gertsen.

All Our Ideas is now available in 12 languages other than English thanks to the great work of volunteers.  If you would like to help translate the site into another language, please send me an email.

wiki surveys, public participation, and the future of internet


We are happy to announce that the Office of the President of Brazil has used a wiki survey to solicit feedback and proposals on global Internet governance through the platform.  The project was done leading up to the NETmundal meeting on the future of the Internet, and it represents a wonderful model for open, public participation in the policy making process.  It was also one of the largest wiki surveys ever.

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great bug reports


We recently received a great bug report from Jess Gertsen, a user from Copenhagen. Jess’s bug report was so good that it was easy for us to identify and fix the problem. So, before you email us a bug report or post an issue on github, please read on to find the elements of a great bug report.

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improved csv files

Many users of allourideas want to download their own data and run their own analysis.  We’ve now made this process even easier with some back-end improvements to how we create the csv files.  These changes are now live on the site, and have been incorporated in version 3.3.1 of and version 3.2.0 of the pairwise-api.

For more information about downloading your own data, please read our documentation about the csv files.

Improved session handling

We have recently updated the way that we assign visitors to sessions.  This will not impact users at all, and if you have created your own wiki survey, it probably won’t impact you either.  However, if you are doing detailed analysis with the csv files that we provide, then you might want to learn more about these changes.

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The Governor asks … again


Governor Tarso Genro of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil has done it again.  The Governor and his team completed a second round of their amazing open government project called Governador Pergunta (The Governor Asks), which collects public feedback on important policy challenges using a customized version of  

The first Governador Pergunta collected about 1,300 proposal and 120,000 votes on the topic of improving public health.  Building on that success, the second Governador Pergunta focused on traffic safety, a major problem in Rio Grande do Sul, and it collected more than 2,000 proposals and 240,000 votes, culminating in a public meeting between the authors of the highest scoring proposal and Governor Genro. 

I’ve helped many governments try to do public outreach with, and there are two features of Governador Pergunta that I find particularly impressive: the outreach and the accountability.

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wiki surveys to assess risks of state-led mass killings


As part of their work with the Holocaust Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide, and Ben Valentino launched a wiki survey to help assess the risks of state-led mass killing onsets in 2014.  You can read about their results on this interesting blog post.

giving wiki surveys a try

Jay Ulfelder, who blogs at Dart Throwing Chimp, has two recent posts on his experimentation with wiki survey to forecast rare events and crowdsource policy suggestions. 

If you are thinking about using a wiki survey, I think you will find these posts interesting and helpful.