Wikipedia Banner Challenge

As you can tell from the banners appearing all over Wikipedia, their fundraiser is in full swing.  Despite Wikipedia’s importance as a global resource, only about one-in-a-thousand Wikipedia readers donate.  One way to improve that would be better banners, and that’s why we are launching the Wikipedia Banner Challenge, a website to collect and prioritize banner ideas for Wikipedia.  You can participate by voting on banners and suggesting new ones.  It is quick, easy, and even a little fun.

 The Wikipedia Banner Challenge builds on previous innovative efforts by Wikipedia to involve their community in the design of the fundraiser, especially during the 2010 fundraiser.  In a continuation of that community-driven spirit, Wikipedia announced on their blog that they will be watching the results from the Wikipedia Banner Challenge closely and will use some of the most promising banners during the fundraiser.  In other words, your banner could appear in front of Wikipedia users around the world.

The Wikipedia Banner Challenge is a customization of the core code that was completed in about a week by two awesome web developers: Chap Ambrose and Luke Baker.  In addition to furthering our research and helping Wikipedia, we hope that this project will also encourage others to customize our open source software for their own purposes. 

Wikipedia has always been an inspiration for this research, so we are very excited that they decided to use allourideas for such an important project.  Wikipedias, if you want better banners, give us your ideas

Here are links to more information about:
* The 2011 fundraiser
* The 2010 fundraiser
* Banner ideas from 2010 and banner test results
* Banner ideas from 2009

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