bringing our code to your server

We are happy to announce a number of changes that make it easier to set up a clone of on your own server.  Why might someone want to do this when is free?  The main reason that we’ve heard from users is security.  Some of the companies that use for internal deliberations are very nervous about competitors somehow figuring out what they are up to.  Of course we take data security seriously, but when there is a lot of money at stake, I can understand why some companies might want more control.

For much of the feedback that led to these changes, we’d like to thank our friends at [a-large-tech-company-that-has-a-corporate-communications-office-that-wanted-the-company-name-to-stay-secret].  Our friends set up a clone of so that their company could use it for some secret stuff that we don’t even know about.  But, even though they could not tell us exactly what they were doing, they did send us feedback on which parts of the installation process they found confusing or difficult.  Based on their feedback, we’ve improved our code so that installation should be easier for the next group.  And, if you’ve had experience installing the code and have ideas for how the process could be easier, please share your insights so that we are can improve this open-source code for everyone.

Below is a more detailed list of some of the changes we made.



If you run into any problems setting up pairwise or on your own server, please let us know on our new email list:!forum/allourideas