What does democracy mean?

Given the democratic protests taking place right now, one may wonder, what does “democracy” mean to people in the Middle East and North Africa?  How might that be different than what “democracy” means to people in the United States and Europe?

Mark Belinsky from Digital Democracy was wondering the same thing so he created two idea marketplaces at All Our Ideas to find out.  He populated them with ideas that he thought people might associate with democracy.  Visitors to the websites can vote on the existing ideas and add new one.  Through this process, the ideas most associated with democracy will bubble to the top.  Now you can participate and see the results.

To participate in English:

للمشاركة في العربية

I think this is a great example of a situation where All Our Ideas can be very helpful: a single question with many possible answers where the best answer might not be known before data collection begins.  The voting and uploading together allow the tool to combine the openness of a focus group with the quantifiability of a survey.

The photo at the top of the page is of protesters in Tahrir Square and was taken by Ramy Raoof.

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