making new york greener and greater


Previously we announced that the New York City Mayor’s Office was using allourideas to engage citizens in shaping PlaNYC, the city’s long term sustainability plan.  To do this, the Mayor’s Office created an idea marketplace, seeded it with 25 ideas (e.g., “open schoolyards across the city as public playgrounds” and “increase targeted tree plantings in neighborhoods with high asthma rates”), and asked visitors “Which do you think is better for creating a greener, greater New York City?”  New Yorkers responded by casting about 25,000 votes and uploading more than 400 new ideas.  Critically, 8 of the top 10 ideas were uploaded by users.  In other words, some of these uploaded ideas represented either completely novel ideas or new ways of framing existing ideas. 

On April 21, 2011, Mayor Bloomberg announced the 2011 version of PlaNYC, and we were happy to see that two high-scoring uploaded ideas—“Keep NYC’s drinking water clean by banning fracking in NYC’s watershed” and “Plug ships into electricity grid so they don’t idle in port - reducing emissions equivalent to 12000 cars per ship”—were represented in the final plan.  To learn more about the final plan, visit PlaNYC’s website.

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